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In 2019 while setting up a new home, Shruti & Nishant found themselves struggling to find well designed products with good materials. With design being a surface embellishment & there being a polarisation between ornate and minimalism, they knew there was a need for something more. Fleck is their story of finding balance.

The Founders

Shruti Gupta

"I have always been enthusiastic about everything home & a believer of comfort in everyday life. I have a background in building tech products by humanising the whole experience.  We are committed to bringing exceptional home goods that make you feel at home.

Nishant Chauhan

"I see that very often we tend to optimise our homes for others instead of making it comfortable for ourselves. I believe that we owe it to ourselves to make it a place where you can be at peace with yourself before filling it with objects of interest"

The Philosophy

The home, above all is the place that will house the memories you make over time. Make sure you make it a welcoming space for yourself before you start beautifying it for others.

Thoughtfully Modern

Modern & minimal with character. Our products champion their core values & shy away from minimalism at the cost of functionality

Backed By Tradition

Conventional techniques & practices used to bring out the best in materials & upgraded to shape the future

Cherish Imperfections

Imperfections are what connect us to the natural world. We hero the imperfections that make each product unique

The Goal

Our aim is to make high quality modern home goods that elevate ones everyday life. We believe modern is an evolution of the past & great materials are essential to telling a great story through a product. With Fleck we want to make high quality modern goods accessible to people.