Guide to Hygge

In pursuit of everyday happiness

Warm interiors, flickering candles & a sleepy cat.

There is nothing better than the feeling of home in the world. A place where you can be comfortable and be yourself. So, as we spend more and more time inside our homes we dived into  the Danish concept of hygge & how you can create hygge at your place. 

A cat streching
learn how to create hygge at home. From creating a cozy nook to preparing a perfect cup of tea for to keep you warm.

Create your own hygge

Step 1

Cosy up your nook

Find a cozy corner in your home, if it has a window, great! Light up some candle, get your fave book, some blankets & cushions. 

A hygge corner. Make a cozy corner for yourself.

Step 3

Get nature inside

Find any piece of nature, plants, nuts, twigs, wooden bowls. More the merrier. There is something about these elements from nature that makes us feel calm & happy.

green nook

Step 2

Give yourself a treat

Whether your jam is tea or coffee, wrapping your hands around your fave cup and a slice of warm cake goes all way. 

tea coffee scene
illai mug in illustration

The perfect cup of tea

We have the perfect recipe for tea which feels like a hug in a mug.