It’s the Thursday evening before Mother’s day, and the atmosphere in Fleck's office is filled with anticipation. We sit huddled together, eyes fixed on our screens, searching for inspiration for the upcoming Mother's Day blog. As we brainstorm, the conversation takes an engaging turn, revealing the unique dynamics each of us share with our mothers.


S: (leaning back in their chair) Should we just do 10 gifting ideas for Mother’s Day and be done with it?

N: I think we can definitely do better than that.

D: What about if we do personal stories? Let's gather moments from our moms when they felt truly special.

N: That could work. Do you think our moms have interesting stories to share?

D: Well, I once surprised my mom by cooking three meals for her.

S: I cook for my mom every day. What's so special about cooking?

D: But you see, I've never cooked before, so it was a big deal for me. Plus, the fact that she wasn't expecting it made it even more meaningful, I guess.

N: I once got my mom a saree, but that backfired.

D: How does giving a saree backfire?

N: It does if you give it to her on the day of your cousin's wedding with no backup plan, and the saree has holes.

S: Wait! You gave your mom a torn saree?

N: Not just that, she was still happy that I bought it for her.

D: That is so sweet! How do our moms always manage to make us feel better, even in the worst situations?!

S: Exactly. Yesterday, I was feeling low, so I called my mom and poured my heart out. She patiently listened and comforted me throughout the call. By the end, I felt so affirmed and uplifted.

N: (raising an eyebrow) Huh! My conversations follow a different pattern. When I'm feeling down, I call her and talk about everything other than the problem. She pretends everything is great, and it weirdly makes me feel better.

D: Sad or happy, my mom gets regular updates about my life. I can't go without talking to her for more than two days.

N: That's a lot. Doesn't she get bored of you?

D: Even if she does, she hides it really well. For me, she's the advice I seek in every situation.

S: Do you guys ever feel like we put too much pressure on our moms to act a certain way?

D: Sometimes, I do feel that way. But I also make sure to spend quality time with her, just chilling, driving around, going shopping together. It's like a day out with a friend.

N: Yeah, I understand. Those ordinary days can be extraordinary. I feel it lets her know that she's an integral part of my life.

S: That's so cute!

D: (changing the topic) How often do you guys say "I love you" to your moms?

S: Every time we talk. It's like a routine, something would feel off if we didn’t.

D: Oh, and what about you?

N: Well, all of this sounds cute, but it would make me and my mom kind of awkward. We're more of the non-verbal type. Our "I love you" moments are like a phone call where I tell her about a new recipe I tried and invite her to try it with me

S: Food with mom is always so comforting!

D:  Absolutely. But I also hope that in our conversations, they feel the same level of comfort and ease that we do while talking with them.

S: It's amazing how even with just the three of us, we have three entirely different narratives about the relationships we share with our mothers. We’re hoping for the same things but don’t do anything the same way though.

N: Alright, guys, as much as I'm enjoying this conversation, we still need to figure out what to write about. Let's get back to it.

D: Or... we could take a break, get some coffee, and call it a day?

N: What about the blog?

D: I think we're covered. We've had a genuine, heartfelt conversation about our moms, their impact on our lives, and the beautiful dynamics we share with them. We’ll just share this as a story.

S: Really?

D:  Absolutely. We're going to publish this conversation as our Mother's Day blog. It's personal, relatable, and filled with the essence of the incredible bond we have with our moms.

N: God! Hope it turns out be something worth reading.


We leave the office on a high, realising that a gifting guide would have either been pointless, since mom would be happy with any representation of love or incredibly difficult if we decided to give her something that represents all that she means for us.