Pouring french press coffee in orange juice

Café Citrus Quencher

Pouring french press coffee

Prep time

10 min


1 person




  • Brewed Coffee: 200 ml
  • Orange juice: 100 ml
  • Sweet Lime juice: 50 ml
  • Simple syrup (1:1) : 10 ml
  • Ice cubes
coffee, oranges and glasses on a marble table


Prepare the coffee:

Begin by brewing your coffee using your preferred method. Whether you opt for French press, cold brew, pour over, or instant coffee, ensure you have 200 ml of prepared coffee. You can leave this to cool down, while you work on the other elements of the drink.

French press coffee

Fill the glass with ice:

Take a tall glass and fill it about 3/4th of the way with ice cubes. Not only will the ice keep your drink cool, but it will also add a refreshing texture to enhance your sipping experience.

Add the simple syrup:

Pour the simple syrup into the glass over the ice cubes. The simple syrup will add a touch of sweetness to balance out the citrus and coffee flavours. You can adjust the amount of syrup according to your personal taste preferences. 10 ml is a good starting point where the sugar doesn't dominate the drink and adds a subtle hint of sweetness

Squeeze in the lime juice:

Squeeze fresh sweet lime juice & add it to the glass. The tangy lime juice will bring a zesty and vibrant twist to the drink. If you don't have lime juice, you can substitute it with lemon juice & increase the simple syrup (approximately 25 ml) for a similar citrusy flavour. 

squeezing fresh lime

Pour in the orange juice

Add the orange juice to the glass. Freshly squeezed orange juice works best, but packaged cold press juice is fine if you don't want to get in to the hassle. Just make sure you adjust sugar if using a sweetened juice.

Pouring orange juice

Top it off with coffee:

Finally, pour the cooled coffee into the glass, filling it to the brim. As you pour the coffee, you'll witness a delightful blend of colours as the coffee merges with the juices. This is a good point to take some picture for your socials.

Give it a stir:

Use a spoon or straw to give the drink a gentle stir, ensuring that all the flavours are well combined.

And tadaa, your drink is ready!

Relish its enticing aroma and enjoy this delightful Café Citrus Quencher with your loved ones!


  • Experiment with the coffee as per your preference. Cold brew, pour over or instant coffee all work as well as French press in the recipe.
  • If using a hot brew method, ensure that you let the coffee cool down to avoid excess dilution.
  • You can strain your juices for a clear drink or leave the pulp in for the added texture and bursts of flavour.
  • Use lemon juice in the half the quantity of Sweet lime if you are unable to find sweet lime.
  • You can replace the simple syrup with a fruit based syrup like pineapple or apricot for added complexity